Lunar Hair FAQ: How do you calculate the dates for hair care?

The dates for lunar hair treatments in the Moon Hair Calendar are based on either:

An astrological sign
A moon phase, or
Both an astrological sign and a moon phase.


If the recommendation for a particular hair care treatment was not clear, I applied my knowledge of the moon phases to sort it out. For instance, my experience has shown that the Full Moon’s influence extends a good two days before and after.


Simple goals for hair care based on the moon phases and astrological signs become complicated very quickly. For instance, let’s take “cut hair to grow faster.” The New Moon is recommended and also the waxing moon – that’s the phase requirement; then there are recommended astrological signs.

So, the question becomes, what about the New Moon in a sign that is not recommended? For instance, take the case of a day for the New Moon but “cutting hair to grow faster” is not advised for a Virgo moon.


#1 MOON PHASE. Choose any New Moon as a day to “cut hair to grow faster” according to what a half dozen sources recommend consistently.

#2 ASTROLOGICAL SIGN. Then I mark it “BEST” when the New Moon occurs at the same time as the most recommended signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Capricorn.

Some veteran astrologers may say, “Oh, yeah–of course,” to that, but it was not clear to me until I got deep into the data.

Yes, this information can be confusing at best. I made the Moon Hair Calendar as an easy reference guide if you decide you want to try hair care with the moon phases.

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