4 amazing sources about losing weight with the moon cycle

Regardless of what you eat, timing may be the new trend of weight loss by harmonizing with the lunar rhythm. Here are a few places to see what it’s all about. As always, refer to your certified doctor for all medical advice.

Greek Medicine: Fasting and Purification

This website is devoted to the topic of natural medicine as practiced by the Greeks. Our current modern medicine with technology started with the Greek system, but here they return to the roots of the tradition.

“When planning a more extensive or prolonged fast, one should pay heed to the season of the year and the phase of the Moon.  A prolonged fast should be undertaken in a season in which the weather is neither too hot nor too cold: in the spring, after the last cold snaps of winter have ended; or in the early fall, before the first cold snaps of approaching winter.

“Regarding the lunar phases, the waning hemicycle of the Moon favors cleansing and purification, whereas the waxing hemicycle favors recovery and rebuilding after the fast.  If you can break the fast around the time of the New Moon, you can utilize the waxing Moon’s energy to rebuild.”

The Werewolf Diet

Some call it a fad to match up a diet with the moon and can even be detrimental, this article states that celebrities Madonna and Demi Moore follow the lunar diet.

“The moon diet plan is based on the known effects the moon has on the earth’s oceans and rivers with its gravitational pull. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are in alignment during a new or full moon, there is a change in the atmospheric pressure and movement of the water. On these days, Christian Dyuraffur, president of the International Federation of Phyto and Aromatherapy says, the shift in atmospheric pressure has an effect on our metabolism, which allows for a faster removal of fat and toxins from the body.”

Moon Diet at Lunaf

Several forms of lunar dieting are explained: 24 hours moon diet, 3 days moon diet, moon detox diet, quick detox moon diet, and the zodiac diet.

“Three days Moon diet, kept once monthly at Full Moon or at New Moon, is a popular short-term “liquid” diet. The 3-days lunar diet is an easy way to try loosing some extra weight without living on the starvation line for many days or weeks”.

Cycle of the Moon Cleanse

This site also capitalizes on the benefits of timing a cleanse at one of the polarities of the moon cycle.

“The Moon is a powerful force upon our planet. It affects the ocean’s tides, sap and juice levels in trees and plants, our behaviors and our bodies. The gravitational pull on the water in our bodies connects us to the Moon and its magic. Made up of over 60% water, our bodies can be dramatically affected by this beneficial pull.

“By aligning a cleanse with the most potent phases of the Moon, we are able to take advantage of its force to help deepen the cleansing process and effects. Starting on either a New Moon or Full Moon will give any cleanse a powerful helping hand.”

Do we need a scientific study to tell us whether this system is right or not? Over several months that I have put some attention on this topic, I notice feeling heavier at the full moon and gradually lighter towards the new moon.

Do you have an experience with food and the lunar cycle? Leave a reply at the top of this post.

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