Goals for hair care and the moon

I collected information about hair care and the moon cycle and found that it can be confusing at best. One says this, one says that, and sometimes within the same source there are contradictions. A few astrologers wield the information with the grace of a concert pianist, clearly showing the art of it while others are not so clear in their message. Add the tricky task of reading an astrology calendar to apply what anyone is talking about, and you get another layer of complication.

I soon found out that it was necessary to take a long view of the experiment. By its nature, hair care with the moon phases takes a long time to prove out, but I had a strong desire for answers to fuel my determination.

My first goal was to have the least number of haircuts possible during the year. I chose the waning moon and an astrological sign like Sagittarius to emphasize slow growth. It performed as expected, and I had fewer visits to the salon; however, I did not like the overall look and feel of my hair. It always felt chopped, harsh, and unfriendly – but I achieved the goal!

I needed a new goal. I did not “get it” for several years. More disappointments with haircuts got me to stay with the Vital Energy days. Over time, this choice is the best one for me.

Whenever I have my hair cut on a Vital Energy day, my hair has the same “feeling” on my head. I have a “normal” feeling. How can I describe it? There are times when I have had a “bad” haircut, and I feel out of alignment with myself that lasts for months. Now, it would take a dire circumstance to convince me to cut my hair on any other day of the month. It is the practice and experience that confirms the issue for me, no matter what anyone else says about it. Those who swear by cutting hair at the full moon will say the same thing.

When I started hair coloring, I could see results with the moon phases much better for the coloring treatment.

I calculated over time that my coloring lasted 46% longer with the moon phase plan.

This data gave me the confidence to keep going.

I reviewed more than thirty sources about hair care with the moon phases and found that specific points were obvious, and the top reliable ones all agreed on the basics. The Moon Hair Calendar contains this reputable information along with my personal experience with the moon phases. I made this calendar so others can skip the confusing part and use the information right away. Data from books, magazines, and the internet are distilled into specific dates and times for hair care treatments.

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