My hair care with the moon started with a shock

My journey with hair care by the moon phases started with a shock.

There I was one day going to visit my regular salon. I had two goals for my hair while working in corporate jobs: one was to be well-groomed and presentable, and the second was to have a style that was easy to manage for a busy schedule. I never gave it much more thought than that to it. Hair? Keep it simple was my motto. Visiting the salon was merely another task to tick off the list for the week.

It all seemed normal during the appointment. We had a nice chat as usual. I thought I was satisfied with the haircut after she finished, and I admired it in the mirror, “Oh, yes, thank you! It looks great!”

I went home, had a nice evening meal and woke up the next morning to feel horrified when I looked into the mirror. The proverbial Bad Hair Day had arrived, and I was shocked.

How could I go to the same salon over and over, month after month, and suddenly get a radically different result for a haircut? I was stunned at how badly it turned out. And I get a simple, straight cut. No layers, perms, or highlights.

No, I did not believe that the stylist was at fault. She did her job as well as any other time. Instinctively I knew that was not the reason; rather, I suspected that there was another, more subtle issue going on with my haircuts. I summoned up a strong motivation to find an answer to such an odd occurrence. I was a student of the moon phases already, so I decided to quest for the astrological solution.

When I started an investigation, I had no idea this topic would be so complicated and frustrating to research. First of all, very few people care about it at all. There are also many skeptics that have strong opinions and will let you know in no uncertain terms what they think. I decided to take all of the information in equally without deciding if I was in favor of hair care with the moon phases, or not.

This article is an excerpt from the Introduction to the Moon Hair Calendar Jul-Sep 2015.

Do you have an experience with the moon phases?

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