Hair Care with the Moon Phases

There is a system of knowledge handed down through history and folklore that classifies hair care according to a particular moon phase or an astrological sign. This information comes from ancient writings, has strong roots in country wisdom, and is refined by modern experience.

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One of the most common recommendations you might have heard about already is to cut your hair at the full moon if you want a thick mane. Over two thousand years ago, an ancient Roman scholar said as much: Pliny the Elder quoted an even older scholar who recommended haircuts at the full moon.

Wisdom from country living was passed down by word of mouth over many generations. People learned that certain activities had a predictable result after the full moon when the light decreases or is waning. For instance, sap moved downward on a tree, so it was a better time to cut timber. After the full moon, the grass grew back more slowly.

3 Reasons Why I do Moon Phases for Hair

Before the full moon when the moon is waxing or increasing in light, they planted above-ground crops, watched grass grow back stronger, and noticed the thickest wool on sheep. They found that cutting wool during the waxing moon ensured strong growth for the next cut. Perhaps applying these observations to human haircuts was a next logical step.

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