Good News or Bad News

FQ+6 Moon cycle | First Quarter plus 6 days | Wax | June 30, 2015

Most everyone is settled into one of two camps during this full moon window. Those people in Camp Bad News are struggling to match the expectations of the cycle. Maybe their plans were too expansive and not realistic.

Watch for the possibility of emotional flare-ups – in yourself, those around you, or in your customers. Be extra compassionate on the phone when tempers flare. Include kindness in your behavior model.

Believe that the roadblock before you is a chance to further your own growth.

Remember back a few weeks ago? The task was to search for the meaning about what you are doing – facing the fears, being honest with yourself, etc. This is the payoff time. Camp Good News people are riding the moon cycle to the climax.

Act now with confidence and express who you are without reservations. Be in the world and take all of the actions necessary to complete your goal. Thinking time will come later. The peak of the cycle is hours away. Your achievements are concrete evidence that you are on track.

Accept the camp you find yourself in today and admire the parts that are working.

Image: Stokpic

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