Can You Believe?

Moon Cycle: FQ+1| First Quarter plus 1 day | June 25, 2015.

You may be so busy that you have little time to check in with this daily blurb about the moon phases. No worries! That is exactly how it is supposed to be – this is an active and forceful time.

Keep moving ahead with what is in front of you. Take an objective look at your plans and make changes. Make appointments with advisers.

Rise up to meet the thing that you want.

Know that you have gathered up reserves of energy for this week in the cycle. This action time has greater value because of the soul-searching completed during the waning moon. Things appear to “pull together.” Connect the dots and bring the parts together, even though last week it didn’t make much sense.

Dress up, act the part and believe that it is you doing it.

Image: Stokpic

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