At The Starting Gate and Plans for the 4th

Moon Cycle: NM+4 | New Moon plus 4 days Moon Phase | June 20, 2015.

Let’s take an imaginary journey to the horse racing track. Have you ever been to one? There is a little secret there that I will share with you in a minute.

Some years ago I answered an ad to work at a race track. I knew it would be exciting and made a pact with myself that I would work there as long as I would never place a bet. Pretty incredible, I know, but it worked out very well.

The horses were wondrous to watch, with rippling muscles and shiny coats, waiting to unleash all of that power in a good run. The pulse of the whole place changed exactly eight times each day, once for every race. After a short quiet time at the finish of a race, the tension would start to build again for the next one.

The lines at the betting windows filled up again. The professional handicappers picked up the pace of conversation shuffling their racing papers and refilling endless cups of coffee or beer. The horses walked out of the paddock, and the announcer called out their names: “Sky’s the Limit,” “Street Smart,” “Black Stallion,” “Going Wild.” The jockeys carefully maneuvered the horses over to the starting gate. Some of them went quietly, and others reared up, whinnied and snorted. It was controlled mayhem. Somehow they all got into the gate.

Here’s the secret: if you want to understand what this New Moon time means, go to a race track. Getting ready and loading into the gate is what it is all about. The race can’t start until everything is ready. It’s time to get a move on.


Do you have a plan for the holiday? I want to mention it now because the moon cycle will be quite different in two weeks. The vacation weekend follows the excitement of the Full Moon Wednesday July 1 (PST).

Time off after a full moon is best enjoyed in familiar surroundings. Stick to visiting old friends and family rather than pursuing new experiences. Since this is what most people do for the 4th, the holiday should turn out just fine.

Nature, home town parades, barbecue with friends, sports that make you sweat – all of these are superior choices for the the waning phase after the full moon.

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