3 Reasons Why I do the Moon Phases and Hair

It’s an odd topic, isn’t it? Hair care with the moon phases. It took me quite a while – years even – to make my peace with it. No way did I just wake up one day and say, “I am a moon phase hair maniac!” No.

Like most things, it arrived in pieces, what my landlady used to say were “little bits.” Some people come to it through a study of folklore, or from a friend’s recommendation, reading a book, or taking a class.512px-Nasa_earth

#1 Awareness. I started studying an astrology calendar as a beginning student. Each day I carefully inspected all of those squiggly symbols jumping around the page of a calendar and ephemeris.

What stands out even more than the astrological signs and planets on the calendar is the phases of the moon cycle. New Moon. Full Moon. So, first came the awareness that there is a moon cycle.

About the same time, I expanded my view of the world in a Gaia sort of way with connections between mankind and the land, plants and animals. I thought wouldn’t the sky and moon be part of that, too?

So, added to the awareness of the moon cycle came a view that we are part of the whole universe – earth and sky. Like the photo showing earth from the moon.

The thing about awareness is that once you get it, you can’t run away from it anymore. It’s there. It’s part of you.

#2 Personal experience. I always remember when I went to the funeral parlor to see my father laid out for the service. The family had a private viewing first. I was horrified to see that my father’s hair was totally wrong. I yelled to the funeral director to do something about it right away. “It should be wavy!” I told him. “Not straight!”

Later this memory led me to think about the human experience and how the hair is an active, living part of the body. Some people say the hair is dead. But I saw it with my own eyes: my father had wavy hair when he was alive, and it was straight after he died.

traffic-lights-466950_1280#3 Testing and Results. I researched this impossibly odd topic of cutting hair with the moon with my usual gusto. I had loads of data. Then it was time test it. It took quite a while. The most amazing results were the bad ones. A Bad Hair Day is nothing to sniff about when you are in the middle of it.

I plodded along and over time came the A-Ha Moment when it all came together. These moments come quietly, at least for me. It works, it’s right, it feels good. I am sold. The moon phases for hair care – it works for me.

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Does it work for you? How did you start using the moon cycle for hair care?

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