Avoid Lunar Hair Care

V/C, VC, Void, or VOC is the shorthand term for the void-of-course moon that occurs when the moon is traveling between two astrological signs and have no angular aspect to any of the planets.

This guide for Lunar Hair Astrology avoids hair care during the void-of-course moon. You may find that other sources about lunar haircuts explain only about the astrological sign, maybe the moon phase, and do not even mention the void-of-course moon.

Now, that being said, it’s easy to let the mathematical measurements of the VOC moon be a nice rule with an exact time, but we are talking about subjective and delicate resonances with the changes of magnetics between the signs.

This Lunar Hair Care guide is based on long experience and practical concerns. Repeated attempts to complete important actions in the world successfully during a one to two-hour window either side of the void-of-course moon are mild at best. And that is an extremely generous statement.

Like you may or may not be, this author is a forge-ahead kind of gal with a modern get-things-done attitude, but the results continue to be crystal clear to respect the approaching hazy boundary of the V/C moon and let it be.

The same thing goes with the end of the V/C hours or days, I’ve found it is best to allow the moon to “settle in” fully to the next sign for one to two hours (with personal preference and tolerances) before starting an important activity, especially one as important as a hair care treatment