Aries Lunar Hair

Slower, Condition.

Lunar Hair Cutting

Traditional principles in western astrology hold that the moon sign Aries is the one to choose for lunar hair care when the focus is on slower growth for hair after a cut or trim.

It is not surprising that the emphasis is on the waning moon with Aries for this goal. Aries shares the barren/semi-barren class with the other noted signs for slower growth of Sagittarius/Aquarius for semi-barren, and Leo/Virgo/Gemini for barren.

Beauty Hair Conditioning

Aries is classified as dry and hot, and can be either barren or semi-barren, depending on the astrologer’s or gardener’s interpretation. It is a Fire sign. Just like we add lotion to dry skin, when the moon travels through dry Aries, the advice is to do a conditioning hair treatment. The conditioner is best absorbed when the Aries moon is waxing.

Aries is dry, hot and semi-barren. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign.

It is relatively easy to find an agreeable date for most hair care treatments.